Movie Screening


The Department of Political Science organized a movie screening “The Ghazi Attack” on 3rd August 2018 in AV Hall for all the semester students of BA, BA.B.Ed and BA (Hons.). The movie is based on the mysterious sinking of the PNS Ghazi during the India Pakistan war in 1971.The Ghazi attack is India’s first underwater war- at-sea film.

 The movie benefitted the students to understand the role of Indian Navy in guarding the coastal area and southern borders. It also made them aware of underwater tale of courage and patriotism of the mean aboard S-21who destroyed the Pakistani sub marine PNS Ghazi when it ventured into Indian waters to destroy INS Vikrant. At that time INS Vikrant was only India’s aircraft carrier submarine and greatest fear of Pakistan. The movie provided a basis for the students to carry out mini research in Naval warfare between India and Pakistan during the war of 1971. It will help the students to assess the actual events during the course of 1971 war at sea with the help of basic facts given in the movie.