Guest Lecture - Constitution and Constitutionalism

Start Date: 
Wednesday, 5 February 2020
Start Time: 
10:00 am
A.V. Hall (IIS deemed to be university Campus)

Guest Lecture: Constitution and Constitutionalism

The department of Political Science, IIS (deemed to be) University, had organised a guest lecture on constitution and constitutionalism for the students at A.V. Hall on 5th February 2020. The speaker of the lecture was Prof. Sudhamohan who is a professor and Head of Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai. Prof. Sudha has decades of experience in teaching courses like Urban Politics in the age of Globalization; Development Discourse; Comparative Politics; New Politics of Identity. She has delivered lectures in various national and international universities as visiting faculty and is recipient of many awards and fellowships.

Dr. Archana Gupta, Head of the Department, introduced the speaker to the students followed by a welcome address.

The speaker began the lecture by explaining the historical perspective of constitution, its meaning, and origin and how it is different from constitutionalism. In her talk she emphasised over the importance and features of an ideal constitution. She cited several incidences from past and documents like Bill of Rights, Megna Carta which strengthen the relevance and effectiveness of laws over absolute monarchs and potential oppressors. She also gave a brief comparison between western and Indian Constitution. The lecture was received with admiration by the students and they also found the slides used by the speaker appropriate and interesting.

Afterward, there was an interactive session, where she invited questions and responded to them in a lively and humorous manner. The session ended with a vote of thanks that was given by Dr. Archana Gupta.