Constitution Day- Students' Seminar

A seminar was conducted by the students of The IIS University to celebrate the Constitution Day. This session was conducted also to enhance participatory skills among students. The students gave their presentations on various topics focussing on the distinctive features of the Indian constitution. Students spoke on topics related to constitution like the Preamble, Amendments, Articles, writs, various bills, policies, important cases which led to amendment in constitution etc. In the wake of the current upheavals in the country, it was felt that there is a need to bring about the fusion of the ideology of the constitution and new ideas that reflect the changing need of time. In this seminar, various conflicting rights and ideologies were briefed, fundamental rights and duties of constitution were challenged, various provisions were analysed and suggestions were given. The Indian ideology of freedom, decentralisation, and equality is clearly reflected in the constitution. The seminar ended after a long session impacting on audience, the importance, flaws and suggestions in the Indian Constitution.