Guest Lecture- Contemporary Political Theories: An Overview

 Guest Lecture

                       ‘Contemporary Political Theories’: An Overview

                                  Department of Political Science


The Department of Political Science organized a guest Lecture on 9th August 2016 on Contemporary Political Theories’: An Overview. The keynote speaker was Prof. Naresh Dadhich, from the Department of Political Science, University of Rajasthan. Prof Naresh delivered a lecture on conceptual constructs in Political theories and drew distinction between the Normative and Empirical political theory. He discussed the role of political scientists in existence of political theory. He discussed the phases it went through seeking to understand, explain and analyse the political phenomena. He spoke about how instead of political theory people stated studying history of political theory and then about constitutions and powers of other countries in the first and second phase respectively. He discussed the political scientists who did not use the history of values to stimulate their own thoughts but were guided by historical approach and no attempt was made by them to solve contemporary social problems. The third phase was all about analysing fact based study. Further, discussing the destruction caused due to science and technology in World War II, he explained how people realized the importance of political science which led to the revival of political theory. He spoke about the important role of the return of Grand theory in human Science which has led us to contemporary political theory.