Interactive session with John Keay and British Deputy High Commissioner


Interaction with John Keay and British Deputy High Commissioner

The Department of Political Science in collaboration with the Department of History organized an interactive session with British author John Keay and the British Deputy High Commissioner, David Lelliot. Mr. John Keay give detailed description of his book ‘the Tartan Turban’. This book is a biography of Alexander Gardner and depicts his travel experiences in India and Afghanistan. The book also gives a vivid description of the military carrier of Alexander Gardner. Mr. John Keay also answered the queries of the students. Mr. David Lelliot also interacted with the students. In his discourse, he gave detailed information about various education opportunities to the Indian students in the United Kingdom and also talked about the various scholarships that the Indian students could avail while giving the statistical data of the students studying in the United Kingdom. This was a very enriching and informative session for the students and faculty.